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Easily create,

use and organize your passwords

Create strong and secure passwords with a few clicks. Easily organize them with Tags. Share them in a secure way. Synchronize your passwords across all devices. All of this and more using the SafePass password manager.

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Why do people use SafePass password manager?

Access Passwords Anywhere

Easily access all of your saved passwords wherever you are with mobile and web apps.

Generating Strong Passwords

One click strong password generator. Don’t worry, SafePass will remember them, so you don’t have to.

Secure Password Sharing

Manage your passwords  permissions for easy and secure sharing.

Organizing & Tracking

Store and organize your passwords effortlessly with Tags, History and Logs.

Autofill & Autosave

Autofill your passwords with a couple of clicks in your browser and mobile device. 

Advanced Protection

End-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge proof and two-factor authentication.

Pricing and Plans

SafePass Premium


Unlimited Passwords

Tags and Folders

Secure Sharing

History Log

Premium Support

Autofill & Autosave

Password Generator

Browser extension

Mobile App

SafePass Basic (free edition)


50 Passwords

Autofill & Autosave

Password Generator

Browser extension

Mobile App

Advanced protection

The sensitive data you store in PassCamp is secured with the most advanced technologies on the industry:

AES-256 symmetric encryption

RSA asymmetric encryption

Zero-knowledge proof

SRP 6A authentication

2-factor authentication

PBKDF2 algorithm

SHA-256 hashing

Centralized blockchain

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Start using

SafePass today!

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